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Water: Lead

Example Coding Scheme for Water Outlets

A drinking water bubbler (DW) on the 2nd floor (02) of the middle school (MID), the 15th outlet counted, might be coded as follows.

  • MID- 02- DW-015
  • DW= drinking water bubbler
  • WC = water cooler (chiller unit)
  • CF = classroom faucet
  • KC = kitchen faucet, cold
  • KH = kitchen faucet, hot
  • EC = home economics room, cold
  • EH = home economics room sink, hot
  • BF = bathroom faucet
  • NS = nurse's office sink
  • SC = service connector

In addition to the unique outlet code, a unique sample identifier is necessary if more than one sample will be taken from an outlet. A flush sample would also require a unique identifier.

The first draw (P) and flush (F) samples taken for the above outlet would be MID- 02- DW-015-P-01 and MID- 02- DW-015-F-01

  • P = primary (first draw) sample
  • F = flush
  • 01 = first sample
  • 02 = second sample

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