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Water: 5 Star Wetland Restoration & Grants

BFI Hutchins Environmental Education Center


Five-Star Restoration Program Descriptions

BFI Hutchins Environmental Education Center
Dallas, TX

Beginning in the summer of 1997, the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI, the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps (NASCC), the Dallas Youth Services Corps (DYSC) and EPA entered into a partnership to enhance wildlife habitat on private land in Texas by involving community groups. The partnership embarked on a project to create an environmental education center on the site of an old landfill. The BFI Hutchins Facility, a closed and capped landfill south of Dallas, Texas, was chosen as the project site. The facility is also the site of BFI's District headquarters, which employs many local residents. WHC worked with BFI to organize a Wildlife at Work team made of employees that volunteered their time and energy to enhance habitat at their workplace. The BFI team lent assistance, expertise, and equipment to the effort and also supplied the land for habitat projects. BFI also provided student volunteers to help in the restoration work. EPA provided technical assistance and funding through the Five Star Restoration Program for salary for DYSC students and the cost of materials. Both WHC and NASCC provided other resources to foster the link between wildlife habitat and the community organizations.

Aside from the obvious benefits to DYSC students, this project center, which has been named the Hutchins Environmental Education Center, may soon become the home of birds formerly displaced by development and other activities. The Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center saves these birds and then releases them in safer areas. The Rehabilitation Center chose the Hutchins Environmental Education Center as a release site for approximately 100 birds based on the physical nature of the site, its trees and water, its food supply, and the strong partnership between BFI, EPA, and DYSC. Most of the birds are now ready to be released to begin their winter migration to the Texas coast. The Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is even considering relocating to the Hutchins Environmental Education Center.

EPA Grant Amount: $10,000
Contact Information: Jeff Brinck
Wildlife Habitat Council
Fax: (301)588-4629
Email: info@wildlifehc.org
Website: www.wildlifehc.org

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