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Water: Monitoring & Assessment

Appendix A. AREM Field Form: Documenting Information

(not used in the data analysis)

User's Manual:
Avian Richness Evaluation Method (AREM)
for Lowland Wetlands of the Colorado Plateau

Name of the Evaluated Area:___________________ Date Evaluated: ___________

Name of Associated Computer File (asign one, having 8 characters): _____________

Type of Wetland (check one):

____ On-farm ____ Off-farm

Wetland Water Source (check one or more):

____ Subsurface seepage - Mostly Natural
____ Subsurface seepage - Mostly Irrigation-related
____ Overland runoff - Mostly Natural
____ Overland runoff - Mostly Irrigation-related
____ Channel or lake overflow - Mostly Natural
____ Channel or lake overflow - Mostly Irrigation-related

Wetland Scores (insert here after completing the data analysis):

Cutoff Level for Species Habitat Scores:

(all possible spp.)
>25% >50% >75%
(most conservative)

Unweighted Habitat Score

Unweighted Richness Score

Habitat Score Weighted 12 By Species:

Relative Dependency on Wetlands
Relative Abundance
Taxonomic Uniqueness
Neotropical Migrant Status
Official Conservation Designations
Hunted Status

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