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Water: Contaminated Sediments

Sediments Reference Library

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EPA Number
(if assigned)
T Contaminated Sediments: Relevant Statutes and EPA Program Activities (PDF), December 1, 1990 (7MB) 506/6-90-003
T Fact Sheet: National Sediment Quality Survey Database: 1980-1999 823/F-01-002
T Framework for the Development of the National Sediment Inventory (PDF), August 1, 1994 (21MB) 823/R-94-003
T Managing Contaminated Sediments: EPA Decision-Making Processes (PDF), December 1, 1990 (6MB) 506/6-90-002
T Methods for Assessing the Toxicity of Sediment-Associated Contaminants with Estuarine and Marine Amphipods (PDF), June 1, 1994 (10MB) 600/R-94-025
T Methods for Measuring the Toxicity and Bioaccumulation of Sediment-Associated Contaminants with Freshwater Invertebrates (PDF), June 1, 1994 (15MB) 600/R-94-024
T An Overview of Sediment Quality in the United States (PDF), June 1, 1987 (11MB) 905/9-88-002
T Proceedings: Tiered Testing Issues for Freshwater and Marine Sediments: Proceedings of a Workshop held in Washington, D.C., September 16-18, 1992 (PDF), February 1, 1993 (21MB) 823/R-93-001
T Proceedings of the EPA's Contaminated Sediment Management Strategy Forums (PDF), September 1, 1992 (14MB) 823/R-92-007
T Proceedings of the National Sediment Inventory Workshop, April 26-27, 1994, Washington, D.C. (PDF), August 1, 1994 (16MB) 823/R-94-002
T QA/QC Guidance for Sampling and Analysis of Sediments, Water, and Tissues for Dredged Material Evaluation: Chemical Evaluations (PDF), April 1, 1995 (18MB) 823/B-95-001
T Sediment Classification Methods Compendium (PDF), September 1, 1992 (21MB) 823/R-92-006
T Selecting Remediation Techniques for Contaminated Sediment (PDF), June 1, 1993 (12MB) 823/B-93-001
P Technical Panel Recommendations Concerning Use of Acute Amphipod Tests in Evaluation of Dredged Material (PDF), December 21, 1993 (647K)

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