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For State of Alabama And County of BALDWIN And Site ID of 0010 And Ordered by Columns site.state_code,site.county_code,site.site_id

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Monitor Subordinate Tables State Code County Code Site Id Agency Code Street Address Land Use Code Loc Setting Code Air Basin Code State Or Local Id Date Site Estab Date Last Update Date Site Term Distance City Difference Gmt Elevation Above Msl Hq Eval Date Region Eval Date Latitude Longitude Ldp Deter Method Code Ldp Horiz Datum Code Ldp Source Scale Code Ldp Estimate Of Acc Ldp Unit Code Cbd Compass Sector Code Utm Zone Utm Easting Utm Northing Local Site Desc Ldp Loc Code Met Site Type Met Site Id Distance Site Met Site Compass Sector Code Site Comment Aqcr Code City Code Msa Code Cmsa Code Urban Area Code
Monitor Subordinate Tables 01 003 0010 0013 FAIRHOPE HIGH SCHOOL, FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA COMMERCIAL SUBURBAN 01/01/2000 01/23/2004 3 -6 37.19 02/01/1999 30.497778 -87.881389 028 NAD27 24000 4 058 SE 16 415416 3374093 FAIRHOPE AM 1 005 25240 5160 5160

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Tangent Street for this Site
State Code County Code Site Id Street Code Street Name Road Type Traffic Flow Yr Of Traffic Flow Direction To Street
01 003 0010 1 FAIRHOPE HIGH SCHOOL MAJ ST OR HY 15000 1994 W

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