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Monitor ID of 0100300104420101 And Ordered by Columns monitor.monitor_id

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Subordinate Tables Monitor Id State Code County Code Site Id Parameter Code Poc Analyzing Lab Collecting Lab Status Area Code Project Class Code Action Type Action Type Reason Dominant Source Code Measure Scale Code Pams Req Sampling Freq Open Path Id Monitor Comment Site Criteria Met Code Date Site Criteria Met Ref Method Used Ind Ref Method Used Date Monitoring Area Code Worst Site Code Surrogate Flag First Pm 10 Viol Date Req Sampling Freq State Rsf Eff Date State Short Term Sch Sat Short Term Comp Date First Exceed Correct Short Term Sch Sat Epa Short Term Comp Date Epa First Exceed Correction Epa Qa Plan Approved Ind Qa Effective Date Probe Location Code Probe Height Horizontal Dist Vertical Dist Unrestricted Air Flow Ind
Subordinate Tables 0100300104420101 01 003 0010 44201 01 0013 0013 02 2 3 SPM OZONE. 3 3 1 1 Y

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No Road Desription data for this Monitor

No Monthly Sampling Schedule data for this Monitor

No Probe Obstruction data for this Monitor

Monitoring Objective for this Monitor
Mo Id Monitor Id Monitor Objective Code Sequence Number Urban Area Code Msa Code Cmsa Code
12 0100300104420101 6 5 5160

Monitor Type for this Monitor
Monitor Id Monitor Type Begin Date End Date
0100300104420101 3 03/01/2000

Reporting Organization for this Monitor
Monitor Id State Code Agency Code Begin Date End Date
0100300104420101 01 0013 03/01/2000

Sampling Period for this Monitor
Monitor Id Date Sampling Began Date Sampling Ended
0100300104420101 03/01/2000

Monitor Report November 05, 2004 01:19 PM
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