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Ozone Implementation

8-hour Ozone NAAQS Implementation
Draft Issue Papers

Information provided for informational purposes onlyNote: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Implementation Issue Papers:
Prepared after March/April 2002 Public Meetings
How will EPA address transport of ground-level ozone and its precursors and requirements for modeling and attainment demonstration SIPs when implementing the 8-hour ozone standard? (WPD) 09/17/02
When will EPA require 8-hour SIP submissions? (WPD) 08/30/02
What should the requirements for General Conformity be? Will there be different de minimis emission levels for Federal Actions? (WPD) 08/30/02
How will EPA ensure that the 8-hour ozone standard will be implemented in a way which allows an optimal mix of controls for ozone, PM2.5, and regional haze? (WPD) 08/20/02
What ambient monitoring requirements will apply under the 8-hr ozone NAAQS? (WPD) 08/20/02
How will EPA treat attainment dates for the 8-hour ozone standard? (WPD) 07/30/02
How will EPA reconcile Subparts 1 and 2? How will EPA classify nonattainment areas for the 8-hour standard? What attainment dates would apply? (WPD) 07/30/02
How will EPA transition from the 1-hour to the 8-hour standard? (WPD) 07/30/02
Should prescribed requirements of Subpart 2 apply in all 8-hour nonattainment areas classified under subpart 2, or is there flexibility to apply equivalent measures, or drop some requirements altogether if in certain narrowly defined circumstances they are determined to be inappropriate? (WPD) 07/21/02

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