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Science Fair


Need an idea for a science fair project or some help? Check out the resources below.

Some of the sites listed on this page are not on the EPA Web site. Please see our disclaimer information Exit EPA Disclaimer

Environmental Science Fair Project Ideas
Find environmental science fair project ideas for Grades K-12.

Energy Information And Science Fair Projects
Want to learn about energy or do a science fair project on energy? This is a site that will give you the info, project ideas and throw in some fun things as well.

Ideas for Science Fair Projects on Surface Water Quality Topics
Ideas for middle school science fair projects on surface water quality from EPA's Office of Water. These projects address real-life water issues occurring in streams, rivers, lakes and other types of surface waters across the United States.

Energy Science Fair Projects
Energy science fair projects for K-9 students.

Science Fair Central
Science fair resources that offer students an opportunity to practice science investigation and invention.

Science Fair Fun
This booklet provides students in grades 6-8 with ideas and resources for developing environmental science fair projects about reducing, reusing, and recycling waste materials.

Science Fair Project Resource Guide
A collection of science fair ideas and tips for students and parents. 

Zoom Science
Test out cool science experiments, especially the ones with a z, they are the ones that help the environment!


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