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US EPA SMM Web Academy Webinar Series for 2013 Presents:

Green Sports and Venues as Environmental Stewards

Wednesday May 29, 2013
1:00 – 2:30 pm

Several prominent sports teams and not-for-profit organizations have a story to tell about why they got involved with environmental concerns at venues and the positive changes they have experienced when they track and measure these reduction. Learn about the challenges they faced during their initial assessments about understanding the A, B, C’s of environmental issues. Learn how the industry impacts our environment through simple things like our land, water and air. Learn about how these facilities have made enhancements in managing waste, conserving water, conserving energy, using carbon offsets. These organizations will share their plans to succeed before taking on these environmental challenges. Speakers will share their plans for the future environmental issues. Finally, the speakers their experience in reducing food waste and the benefits of the Food Recovery Challenge to reduce their environmental footprint, reduce production of greenhouse gases, reduce, reuse, recycle and RETHINK. Speakers will give an overview of their goals and share their lessons learned as a result of taking on the environmental challenge to reduce their environmental footprint:


Steve Fishman's picture

Steve Fishman: Steve Fishman is a Waste Management Specialist working at the US Environmental Protection Agency. He has worked in the Solid Waste industry for over 25 years, Special Waste Representative for Laidlaw Waste, Technical Sales Manager for CETCO and Business Manager for Superior Hazardous Waste Group. Steve has a B.A. degree from UMKC, was a Certified Hazardous Manager, Past President of the Missouri Recycling Association and Past Chair of the local chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association.




Syd Mandelbaum's picture

Syd Mandelbaum: A scientist working to reduce poverty and hunger. After working for 20 years for genetics, DNA and anti-cancer think tanks, Syd left the hard sciences to form Rock and Wrap It Up! an anti-poverty charity. As a greening, anti-poverty think tank, RWU has launched 6 asset recovery programs which have fed over one billion who hunger. Syd is currently working with the USDA and the EPA to reduce hunger through food recovery. Syd is also consulting with Congress to open up federal agencies and military bases for asset recovery.

Green Sports and Venues as Environmental Stewards (PDF) (43 pp, 5.4 MB)

Joe Abernathy's picture

Joe Abernathy: Currently the Vice-President of Stadium Operations for the St. Louis Cardinals. Joe is responsible for all day-to-day building operations and game-day event management activities at Busch Stadium, including ushering, guest services, security, medical services, maintenance, clean up, grounds keeping, and parking. Joe was a member of the design team and was also responsible for the commissioning and start-up of the new Busch Stadium for the 2006 season. Joe is currently the Past-President of the Board of Directors of the Stadium Managers Association. Joe also serves on the Stadium Operations Advisory Committee for Major League Baseball and is Co-Chairman of the Sustainable Operations sub-committee. Joe is also on the Board of Directors for the Green Sports Alliance. In these roles, he is spearheading the benchmarking of sustainable operations metrics for all MLB facilities.

For a Greener Game (PDF) (28 pp, 3.7 MB)

Brandon Hamilton's picture

Brandon Hamilton: Currently the Director of Facilities for Kansas City Chiefs, Inc. Brandon is responsible for facility management at the Stadium and Training Facility, and management of the engineering, grounds keeping, maintenance, and carpentry departments. Brandon is the Committee Chair for the Chiefs Green Initiative Committee and has a significant role in the recently announced environmental stewardship program for the Chiefs, “Extra Yard for the Environment”. Brandon is a member of the Green Sports Alliance and the International Association of Venue Managers.

Extra Yard for the Environment (PDF) (35 pp, 6.2 MB)

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