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SMM Web Academy - How to Negotiate Your Contract with Waste Haulers

The key to an effective working relationship between a contract administrator and a collection contractor is a clearly written and executed contract. Learn tips from industry experts on how to write and negotiate an effective contract with refuse and recycling haulers, while keeping costs under control and increasing recycling. This webinar will also give you each of the speaker's first hand practical experiences on how to more effectively negotiate waste, recycling and composting contracts with haulers. Both speakers have reduced costs and significantly improved on diversion rates. It will also expand on the issues discussed in EPA’s March 12, 2012 webinar on Zero Waste Contracting by discussing more about reducing costs while also increasing waste diversion.

Example of an Exclusive Residential Collection Service Agreement (Montgomery County, MD)Exit EPA

Speaker Bios

Robin Ennis, Chief of Collections, Division of Solid Waste Services in Montgomery County.
With over 210,000 single family homes, it is the largest County in the State of Maryland. Robin is a senior member of the faculty for the Solid Waste Association of North America, teaching certification courses in Collections, Recycling, MSW Management, and Landfill Operations. She is also the Immediate Past President of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of SWANA. Over the past four years Robin has effectively negotiated and executed thirteen contracts with private sector haulers to collect refuse and recyclables. To further the County’s commitment to sustainability, the new contracts required the deployment of 125 new trucks powered with compressed natural gas. This undertaking not only improved the County’s air quality as expected, but resulted in an annual savings of $1 million.

Contracting for Government Provided Solid Waste Collection Services: A.K.A. If You Build It (correctly)… They Will Come! (PDF) (23 pp, 1.16 MB)

Amy Krause, Support Manager and Recycling Specialist for S. Freedman & Sons
As Support Manager and Recycling Specialist for S. Freedman & Sons., a restaurant and janitorial supply distributor located in Landover, MD. Amy has assisted 27 business customers with various levels of waste reduction and recycling program implementations, including reviewing and negotiating contracts with local haulers. Her clients include types of businesses, from small family owned restaurants to large K through 7th grade private schools. She began her passion for waste reduction 5 years ago when she worked very closely with the Catholic Charities Organization. During that time she developed relationships with many local haulers and continues to participate in any trainings and organized discussions to enhance her knowledge. She has saved clients over $170,000 in waste expense costs, while improving recycling rates and reducing waste going to the landfill.

Waste Contract Renegotiating Why? How? Next Steps? (6 pp, 1.56 MB)


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