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SMM Web Academy - Greener Packaging – Integrating Reusable Transport Packaging into Your Supply Chain

August 16, 2012, 1:00-2:30PM ET / 10:00-11:30AM PT


Forward-thinking companies today are reaping the financial and operational benefits of replacing limited-life transport packaging materials—such as wood pallets and cardboard boxes—with durable, reusable alternatives. During this introductory webinar, a panel of experts will cover the basics of reusable transport packaging, address the benefits and challenges of integrating reusable packaging into your company’s operations and present real-life scenarios to share best practices.

Webinar highlights include:

Speaker Bios

Justin Lehrer, Program Manager, StopWaste.Org

Justin Lehrer joined public agency StopWaste.Org in 2004. He manages several business assistance programs, aimed at reducing and preventing waste, and increasing operational efficiency. Since 2007 Justin has led the Use Reusables campaign (UseReusables.com), providing free educational resources, training workshops and expert advice to help business transition to reusable transport packaging. The campaign has continuously expanded its reach, going national in 2011, with new resources and grants available. Justin currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Northern California Recycling Association. He graduated from the University of Vermont and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Natural Resources and Business Administration. 

Use Reusables: Fundamentals of Reusable Transport Packaging (PDF) (36pp, 2.38mb)

Michael Vincent, Supply Chain Sustainability for Safeway

Michael Vincent is Safeway’s Director of Supply Chain Sustainability. He is a Certified Packaging Professional with over twenty five years of experience in the food industry. Mike joined Safeway as a Procurement Manager, responsible for ice cream packaging and package engineering efforts in March of 2004. Previously Michael was group manager responsible for the packaging sourcing team. He earned a B.S. in Packaging from Michigan State University and serves as a liaison on Cal Poly’s Packaging Sustainability Consortium, Stanford’s Socially and Environmentally Responsible Supply Chain Forum and RILA’s sustainability committee.

Rick LeBlanc, Reusable Packaging News

Rick LeBlanc is the editor of the Reusable Packaging News, the only publication that currently focuses on rapidly growing reusable transport packaging market, as well as the PackagingRevolution.net website, which also focuses on reusables. Rick also blogs for the New York Times’ About.com division as its Guide to Recycling Exit EPA, and since 1995 has been a contributing author and columnist at Pallet Enterprise Magazine. Rick is the co-author of a book about pallets, and has consulted on many occasions with respect to reusable pallet applications. He managed Safeway's reusable packaging program in its Vancouver, B.C. division from 1982-1996. 

Financial Benefits, Logistics and Implementation Considerations for Reusable Packaging (PDF) (12pp, 300kb)

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