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SMM Web Academy - Food Donation: A "How-To" for Food Retailers and the Food Service Industry

In the U.S., food waste is now the single largest component of municipal solid waste. Much of this food “waste” is not waste at all but actually safe, wholesome food that could potentially feed millions of Americans. Food donations can redirect these valuable resources to “feed people – not landfills.”
In this session, we will learn about EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge (FRC) and how undertaking a food donation program can add up to big savings for your business as well as helping your local community and protecting the environment — the triple bottom line. You will see and hear:

  • How food retailers, sports franchises, schools, hotels, and other businesses and organizations can get prepared food to those in need.

  • How food donors benefit from tax deductions and liability protection.

  • How and what donors need to do to minimize their efforts and maximize their benefits.

  • Speaker Bios

    Syd Mandelbaum, CEO and Founder, Rock and Wrap It Up!
    This award-winning global anti-poverty think tank develops greening tactics and strategies to feed the poor with prepared but not served food. Over one billion meals have been recovered since 1991. Syd has received numerous awards including a Point of Light from President WJ Clinton and an Environment Merit Award from the EPA.

    Reducing Our Poverty Footprint by Reducing Our Carbon Footprint (PDF) (25pp, 807k)

    Bob Morris, Retail Donation Manager, Feeding America
    Bob has been a Store Donation Program Manager at Feeding America for about four years.  Program Managers work with grocery chains and member food banks to implement good, safe processes for the transfer of code dated food to organizations that help feed the hungry.  Prior to joining Feeding America Bob worked at Oregon Food Bank where he helped to initiate store donation programs in the Northwest.  For nearly 30 years, Bob was a manager with food production and sales companies.  Bob and Bonnie Morris live near Portland, Oregon.

    Store Donation Program (PDF) (15pp, 469k)

    Jim Larson, Recycling and Waste Manager, Food Donation Connection (FDC), LLC.
    Since joining FDC in 1998, Jim has been instrumental in the growth of FDC’s Harvest Program, which coordinates donations of prepared perishable food to local non-profit organizations nationwide. He implemented Harvest programs for YUM! Brands, Darden Restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory, and Chipotle Mexican Grill, and is working with donors to establish donation programs in Australia and the United Kingdom.
    Jim works with Feeding America and advocates in the US Congress to encourage the donation of surplus prepared food by improving current food donation tax laws, explaining the issues involved and providing statements for House and Senate committees. 

    Prepared Food Donations (PDF) (18pp, 1.59mb)


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