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January 2007 Transmittal

Dear Panel Members:

Attached are some additional background materials for the January 9-12, 2007 FIFRA SAP Meeting to review and consider worker exposure assessment methods.

The Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) provided to the Panel material prepared by the Agricultural Handler Exposure Task Force (AHETF). This material includes a document entitled: Procedures for Determining the Required Number of Clusters and Monitoring Units per Cluster to Achieve Benchmark Adequacy. This document was provided to the Panel on the CD-ROM as III.F. Sample Size Report.

In reviewing this document and its associated tables and simulations, it became apparent to the Agency that some Panelists may wish to receive additional background material on how these simulations were performed. Specifically, Panelists may wish to review and comment on the SAS code used by the AHETF to generate these simulation results. As such, the Task Force was asked to provide this code to OPP so that it could be distributed to the Panel and placed in the docket. Please find this code attached (in both *.sas and *.pdf formats).

In addition, OPP has prepared a spreadsheet providing the hand measurement data in a format that may facilitate the Panel's review (note: these data were already provided in the original submission to the panel; this spreadsheet is just a re-formatting of that data). Please find this spreadsheet attached in Microsoft Excel format.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty opening or reading these files or would otherwise like to receive this information in a different format.

Thank you.

Steve Knott
Executive Secretary
FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel
202-564-8450 (SAP Main Office Line)


Myrta R. Christian
Designated Federal Official
FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel
(202) 564-8498
(202) 564-8450 (SAP Main Office Line)

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