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December 2001 Draft List of Documents


Applicability of the Up-and-Down Procedure
Methodology for Acute Oral Toxicity Testing

  1. Acute Oral Toxicity: Up-and-Down Procedure (udpfin7, dated 10/31/01)
  2. OPPTS Harmonized Test Guideline 870.1100 Acute Oral Toxicity (Draft, dated xx/xx/01)
  3. Questions for the Scientific Advisory Panel
  4. New Replacement Test Guideline for Acute Oral Toxicity: Up-and-Down Procedure Methodology (Background Document, aotpapr7.wpd, dated 11/07/01)
  5. Toxicology Summary: Performance of the Up-and-Down Procedure (toxsumm2, dated 11/xx/01)
  6. ICCVAM Test Recommendation for the Up-and-Down Procedure: A Test Method for Determining the Acute Oral Toxicity of Chemicals. Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods (ICCVAM).(dated xx/xx/01)
  7. Description of Performance and Confidence Intervals for the Revised Up-and-Down Procedure (UDP) for Acute Oral Toxicity (revcia, dated 06/06/01) (Titled as A Proposed Procedure for Calculating Confidence Intervals. May 2001 on the ICCVAM web page)
  8. AOT 425 Software Package consisting of:
    * a) Users Manual - Documentation for the AOT425StatPgm Program, Westat, May 2001
    * b) QA Testing for the AOT425StatPgm Program, Westat, June 2001
    * c) Simulation Results for the AOT425StatPgm Program, Westat. June 2001.
Documents available at ICCVAM web site at http://iccvam.niehs.nih.gov/methods/udpdocs/udprpt/udp_ciprop.htm Exit EPA Disclaimer

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