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March, 1998 SAP Meeting - Final Report


SUBJECT: Transmittal of the Final Report of the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting held March 24-25, 1998
FROM: Paul I. Lewis, Designated Federal Official
FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel
THRU: Larry C. Dorsey, Executive Secretary
FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel
TO: Marcia E. Mulkey, Director
Office of Pesticide Programs

This is the final report of the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel open meeting held in Arlington, Virginia, on March 24-25, 1998. This report addresses conclusions on scientific issues discussed at the meeting concerning Common Mechanism of Action of Organophosphates, Policy for Review of Monte Carlo Analyses for Dietary and Residential Exposure Scenarios, Suggested Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methodology for Evaluating Pesticides that Exhibit a Common Mechanism of Action, Use of FQPA 10x Safety Factor to Address Special Sensitivity of Infants and Children to Pesticides, and Post Application Exposure Guidelines.

A Set of Scientific Issues Being Considered by the Agency in Connection with...

Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) March 1998 Meeting Final Reports

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