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October 24 - 26 , 2006 Cover Document for Volume 1

VOLUME 1 – Bt / non-Bt Mapping and Program Management Data



            GPS mapping data of the locations of all Bt cotton and all no-Bt cotton plantings are needed to provide precise information as to the location of Bt and non-Bt fields.  Data should be provided regarding management of these fields:  sterile release rates (per acre), program applied pheromone treatment (per acres), program applied insecticide treatments for PBW (per acre), pheromone trap captures expressed as moths per trap per unit time by field, and boll infestation levels expressed as larvae per 100 bolls in fields selected for program evaluation.



1.  DOCUMENT 1  Suggested Use of Trapping and Map Data
                                    (1 page; attached & labeled)

2. GPS MAPS / FIELD LOCATIONS and designations

FIGURE 1          Map 1A           Bt / non-Bt field locations – Central Arizona.
(large map in tube; small map insert attached & labeled)

FIGURE 2          Map 1B           Bt / non-Bt field locations – Eastern Arizona.
(large map in tube; small map insert attached & labeled)

FIGURE 3          Map 2              Expandable format of Map 1A & 1B with individual fields numbered to match trapping / treatment data bases.
(2 pages; attached and in electronic format on CD)

FIGURE 4          Map 3  Sterile moth release zones with expanded inset maps displaying flight path data.
 (large map in tube; small map insert)

3.  DOCUMENT 2      Arizona Pink Bollworm Sterile Moth Background and Release Protocol
(2 pages; attached & labeled)

4.  TABLE 1               Program Applied Pheromone and Insecticide Treatment Data
(1 page; attached & labeled)

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