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December 7, 2010 Draft Panel Member List


Steven Heeringa, Ph.D.
Research Scientist & Director for Statistical Design
University of Michigan Institute for Social Research
Ann Arbor, MI 

FIFRA SAP Session Chair
Kenneth Portier, Ph.D.
Program Director, Statistics
American Cancer Society
National Home Office
Atlanta, GA 

Designated Federal Official
Fred Jenkins, M.S.
US Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Science Coordination & Policy
FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel
EPA East Building, MC 7201M
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460
Tel: 202-564-3327, Fax: 202-564-8382, jenkins.fred@epa.gov

FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel Members

Janice Chambers, Ph.D., DABT, ATS
William L. Giles Distinguished Professor
Director, Center for Environmental Health Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS

Daniel Schlenk, Ph.D.
Professor of Aquatic Ecotoxicology & Environmental Toxicology
Department of Environmental Sciences
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA 

FQPA Science Review Board Members

Alistair Boxall, Ph.D.
Environment Department
University of York Heslington

, UK

Jeffrey P. Fisher, PhD
Seattle, WA

Karen Garrett, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Plant Pathology
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS

Chensheng Lu, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Health
Exposure, Epidemiology, and Risk program
Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University
Boston, MA

Robert Peart, PhD
Graduate Research Professor Emeritus
Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Tom Peterson, PhD
Chief Scientist
NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center
Asheville, NC

Thomas L. Potter, PhD
Research Chemist
USDA-Agricultural Research Service Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory
Tifton, GA

James C. Randoph, PhD
Professor and Director
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

Geoffrey Scott, PhD
Director of NOAA, National Ocean Service
Center for Coastal Environmental Health & Biomolecular Research
Charleston, SC 


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