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FIELDS Training

The FIELDS Team has developed and applied innovative andeffective technology tools guided by sound environmental principles and programs. As part of the efforts to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental cleanup efforts, the FIELDS Team provides accurate and rapid decision support tools and offers intensive training sessions on Global Positioning System (GPS), FIELDS and SADA Tools. The training sessions are offered during the FIELDS/SADA Conference period, or individually on a request basis.

Training sessions for FIELDS and SADA Tools mainly consist of hands-on computer classes that teach users how to properly work with the many elements and modules contained within these software programs. The following are some of the major topics covered in the FIELDS and SADA Tools.

Within the FIELDS Tools (Version 3.5) are statistically based initial sample design options, database query options, data interpolation selections, error checking and statistics, volume and mass estimating, and a remediation module for determining removals necessary to meet clean-up goals.

FIELDS sample design options provide a help menu for evaluating, selecting and executing sample design strategies that will ultimately generate an optimal number of samples needed based on cost analysis and geo-spatial correlation.

A database query option gives the FIELDS user data entry screens allowing the creation, review, and update of laboratory analysis results record by record. It provides a data interface for batch data entry allowing files containing multiple records of laboratory analysis results to be entered into the environmental database.

The 2D Characterization options within FIELDS contain a number of interpolation modules that help characterize and visualize contamination plume(s) for an area of concern.

Within the SADA software are tools for measuring spatial correlation among data, modeling spatial correlation, and producing concentration, probability, variance, ecological and human risk assessment, and cleanup maps.

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