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National Public Radio SEDP Interview Transcript

Jessica Forres (Host): Eighth grader Zoe Haynes performs a skit her and three other girls, who call themselves “Glamorously Fabulous,” created about endangered species.

Zoe Haynes (SEDP Student): Do you know that I could get $100,000 for one tiger pelt?

Other Student: That may be true Ms. Haynes but there are only 7,500.  Do you know ANYTHING about endangered species?

Jessica Forres: As a matter of fact, Zoe knows a lot about endangered species, especially now, after she and 14 other area students spent 7 weeks this summer in EPA’s Student Environmental Development Program.

Zoe Haynes: I think I’m probably going to take, not only endangered species facts, but most leadership skills, because, you know, you learn a lot about being a leader and having to lead people in the right direction, and realizing that when you are a leader that you are wrong and not going ‘Oh no, I wasn’t wrong, I wasn’t wrong.”

Jessica Forres: Larry Brown is the program director.

Larry Brown: These are the future doctors, lawyers, and even possibly presidents and they need to know about the environment, they need to be able to spread that out into their communities and family and friends.

Jessica Forres: He says the D.C. program is in its 7th year.  Jessica Forres WAMU 88.5 News.

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