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NPDES Projects: Kyrene Expansion Project

The provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) apply to issuance of New Source NPDES permits. EPA has determined that the proposed Kyrene Expansion Project (KEP), regarding a power plant in Tempe, Arizona, is a New Source as defined under the Clean Water Act. EPA has determined that the project will not have a significant impact on the environment and has issued an environmental assessment (EA) and a draft finding of no significant impact (FSNI).

Following are electronic versions of the EA or draft FSNI for this project.

To conclude the NEPA process, the following final reports were produced in 2003.

  • “Ceremony and Symbolism at Los Guanacos: Excavations at the Salt River Project Kyrene Generating Station”
  • “Archeological Monitoring of the Salt River Project Kyrene Generating Station Waterlines and Landscaping Projects”

For more information or to request a copy of the final report

David Smith (Smith.DavidW@epa.gov)
(415) 972-3464

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