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Dredging and Sediment Management

Humboldt Open Ocean Dredged Site (HOODS)

The HOODS was established as a permanent ocean dredged material disposal site in 1995 for Humboldt Bay and the north coast of California. It was used by the Corps of Engineers as an interim site beginning in the fall of 1990.

Prior to 1990, disposal occurred closer to the Humboldt Bay entrance channel, but concerns about mounding of material at that location affecting waves (and possibly the safety of vessels leaving and entering the Bay) led EPA to establish the new site in deeper water farther from the Bay entrance channel.

Disposal Site Information

Location Approximately 3 nautical miles offshore of Eureka, CA
Corner Coordinates 40° 48' 24" N by 124° 16' 22" W (NAD 83)
40° 49' 03" N by 124° 17' 22" W
40° 47' 38" N by 124° 17' 13" W
40° 48' 17" N by 124° 18' 13" W
Water Depth 160-180 feet (49 -55 meters)
Size 1 square nautical mile (3 square kilometers)
Shape Square, divided into quadrants (See map)
Disposal Zone Inner cells of the disposal site, see the map for details
Volume Limit No annual disposal volume limit

Contact Information

Allan Ota (ota.allan@epa.gov)
Oceanographer / Regional Ocean Dumping Coordinator
(415) 972-3476

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