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Fact Sheet

September 2013

Update on Rotary Drilling Site, Rotary Drilling Supply, Inc., Crystal City, Jefferson County, Missouri


Rotary Drilling Supply, Inc. (Rotary) has agreed to enter into an Administrative Order on Consent (AOC) to abate environmental impacts caused by the unauthorized disposal of coal ash in wetlands and streams on property owned by Rotary. The proposed settlement is being issued under Section 7003 of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

A public comment period on the proposed settlement was held between May 30 and June 28, 2013. In response to several requests from commenters, EPA held a public meeting to provide additional opportunity to comment. The meeting was held at the Crystal City, Mo., City Council Chambers on August 22, 2013.


Among the comments received during the public comment period and the public meeting were concerns about the potential human health impacts resulting from the coal ash disposal. As discussed during the public meeting, EPA concluded in its surface water and sediment sampling analysis of the site that the risks were ecological in nature and did not present a human health risk. However, several citizens questioned EPA’s determination and reiterated concerns over potential health impacts.

In response to these comments, EPA plans to conduct additional sampling in and around the site to further analyze potential human health risks. Surface water, sediment, groundwater, and fish tissue samples will be collected and analyzed. It is estimated that the analysis will take approximately eight to 10 weeks to complete. In the meantime, EPA will continue to review and evaluate the other comments received during the public comment period and at the public meeting. EPA will provide its response to all comments received and make a final decision about the proposed settlement only after the additional sampling results have been received and evaluated.


Beginning sometime in the 1990s, Rotary Drilling Supply, Inc., contracted with Kleinschmidt Trucking, Inc., to place fill material in wetlands adjacent to Plattin Creek on the Rotary site for the purpose of developing a 13-acre commercial lot.

Between October 2004 and September 2008, Rotary and another company, Mineral Resource Technologies, Inc. (MRT), contracted with Kleinschmidt Trucking, Inc., to haul and dispose of coal ash obtained from the Rush Island Power Plant, owned and operated by the Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri. During that time period, MRT contracted with Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, to find and secure locations in which to dispose coal ash. Between 2004 and 2008, approximately 95,000 tons of coal ash was placed on the site.

In 2007, Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, contracted directly with Kleinschmidt Trucking, Inc., to haul and dispose of approximately 45,000 tons of coal ash from the Rush Island Power Plant at the site.

On February 14 and 15, 2011, EPA-authorized representatives conducted sampling of the unnamed tributary to Plattin Creek and the coal ash piles at the site. Sample results indicated that elevated levels of coal ash constituents have migrated, and continue to migrate, from the coal ash piles into the unnamed tributary to Plattin Creek and adjacent wetlands on the site.

In March 2012, EPA performed an ecological risk assessment which determined that the coal ash constituents have caused irreparable harm to the wetlands on the site and continue to damage the wetlands and surface waters on and adjacent to the site.

On April 18, 2012, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources issued Notices of Violation to Rotary Drilling Supply, Inc.; Kleinschmidt Trucking, Inc.; Mineral Resource Technologies, Inc.; and the Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri for violations of Missouri’s solid waste beneficial use regulations. The notices alleged that the coal ash was placed on the site in a manner that was not beneficial and potentially harmful to surface waters.

EPA’s proposed settlement would require Rotary Drilling Supply, Inc., to abate impacts of the coal ash disposal by placing a protective cap over the coal ash piles and installing controls on the site to prevent the continued migration of coal ash constituents into wetlands and other surface waters. Additionally, Rotary Drilling Supply, Inc., would be required to mitigate for lost wetlands functions through the purchase of wetland mitigation bank credits.


EPA has established an Administrative Record which includes a copy of the proposed settlement and other relevant documents. The public is encouraged to review the Administrative Record for additional information. The Administrative Record is available for review during normal business hours at the following locations:

Crystal City Public Library
736 Mississippi Ave.
Crystal City, MO 63019
Phone: 636-937-7166

U.S. EPA Region 7
Records Center
11201 Renner Blvd.
Lenexa, KS 66219
Phone: 913-551-7166


If you have questions or need additional information, please contact:

Beckie Himes
Community Involvement Coordinator
Office of Public Affairs
U.S. EPA Region 7
11201 Renner Blvd.
Lenexa, KS 66219
Phone: 913-551-7253 or
Toll-free: 800-223-0425
Email:  himes.beckie@epa.gov

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