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Fact Sheet

August 2013

Public Availability Meeting, Chicago Heights Boulevard Site, St. Louis County, Missouri


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 7 will host a Public Availability Meeting for the Chicago Heights Boulevard Site from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 5, 2013, at the First Baptist Church of Elmwood Park, 1452 Dielman Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63132.

The meeting will include a presentation on results from sampling conducted at certain properties in the Elmwood Park neighborhood since March 2013. This sampling was conducted using a step-out process to further define the extent of contamination in the area.


EPA will host a Public Availability Meeting to provide information and answer questions on the Chicago Heights Boulevard Site. The Public Availability Meeting will be held:

Thursday, September 5, 2013
7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
First Baptist Church of Elmwood Park
1452 Dielman Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63132

EPA’s presentation will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. EPA will take questions from the community following the presentation.

EPA Region 7 is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. To request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Jonathan Cooper at 1-800-223-0425 or by email at cooper.jonathan@epa.gov at least one week in advance of the meeting. Speech or hearing impaired individuals should email or call using the local relay service.


The Chicago Heights Boulevard Site involves a contaminated groundwater plume located in an unincorporated area of north St. Louis County, Missouri. At some time before 1988, an unknown quantity of the industrial chemical trichloroethylene (TCE) was released at an industrial property located at 9970 Page Avenue, just northwest of the Elmwood Park neighborhood, and traveled through the soil and into the groundwater. Since then, TCE and other contaminants have been detected in groundwater beneath the residential area of Elmwood Park, and TCE vapors have been detected at levels of concern in six residences in the area. Vapor mitigation systems have been installed in these six residences to remove vapors that may otherwise enter the homes.

In November 2012, EPA reached a settlement with PerkinElmer, Inc. (PerkinElmer), the current owner of 9970 Page Boulevard, the source of the contamination. This settlement, in the form of an Administrative Settlement and Order on Consent, details the work that is being performed by PerkinElmer to address this contamination.


Since September 2012, EPA has held listening sessions and public availability meetings with the Elmwood Park residents and general public, to listen to concerns and to explain technical findings about the contaminants of concern and the investigation being conducted in the neighborhood. EPA has also provided educational materials to further inform the community.

The Elmwood Park community established a Community Advisory Group (CAG). EPA has participated in several CAG meetings to respond to questions related to the ongoing environmental investigation. EPA has been working with the CAG chair and co-chair to respond to requests related to additional sampling information from the investigation.


EPA has overseen a series of environmental sampling activities in the Elmwood Park neighborhood. In April 2013, sub-slab sampling was conducted at several residential properties in the area. After reviewing results of this sampling, EPA determined that additional sampling was needed, so in June 2013, additional sub-slab and indoor air sampling was conducted at some of the same properties, and at additional properties as part of a step-out process.

In August 2013, another round of sub-slab and indoor air sampling was conducted at some of the previously-sampled properties and at additional properties using a step-out process.

At the September 5 Public Availability Meeting, EPA will discuss findings from the most recent environmental sampling activities, as well as plans for the next steps in the investigation.


EPA has established an Administrative Record file for the Chicago Heights Boulevard Site. This public record is available online at www.epa.gov/region7/cleanup/chicago_heights.

The Administrative Record file is also available for public review during normal business hours at the following locations:

St. Louis County Library
1640 S. Lindbergh
St. Louis, Missouri 63131

Mid-County Library
7821 Maryland Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63105

Indian Trails Library
8400 Delport Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63114

EPA Region 7
11201 Renner Blvd.
Lenexa, Kansas 66219

For more information, please contact Belinda Young, Community Involvement Coordinator, 913-551-7463, 1-800-223-0425, young.belinda@epa.gov.

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