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Fact Sheet

August 2011

Hazardous Waste Management Facility Part II Permit To Be Issued, Fort Riley Military Installation, Fort Riley, Kansas


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposes to reissue a hazardous waste management facility part II permit (Permit) under the Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments (HSWA) of 1984, to the Department of the Army and the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service for its Fort Riley Military Installation facility located at 407 Pershing Ct., Fort Riley, Kansas (Facility).

The draft Permit is at the Manhattan Public Library, 629 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan, Kansas. A public comment period will be held from August 25, 2011 to October 10, 2011, to give the public an opportunity to comment on the draft Permit.

This Permit requires the Facility to submit a current conditions report on all areas where wastes are or have been managed and might have been released, which are subject to corrective action.  The Permit also requires the Facility to conduct all necessary activities to investigate releases of hazardous waste and hazardous constituents at the Facility and to respond to or clean up any release of hazardous waste or hazardous constituents determined to have occurred.

All comments must be submitted in writing and postmarked no later than October 10, 2011, and be sent to:

Chris Jump
EPA Region 7 (AWMD/RCAP)
901 N. Fifth Street
Kansas City, KS  66101
Email: jump.chris@epa.gov


The Fort Riley Military Installation is an Army installation located in Geary, Riley, and Clay Counties of Northeastern Kansas. Fort Riley's basic function is to ensure that the 1st Infantry Division and other mission units have the training resources and facilities to meet their mission requirements. The Facility was originally permitted to store hazardous wastes in 1998, and assigned the EPA identification number KS6214020756. The Facility has submitted the necessary applications for the renewal of its permit.

This Permit is being issued to the Department of the Army as owner of the Facility, and the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service as operator of the Facility to perform activities required by HSWA at the Fort Riley Military Installation. The Part I Permit, which will be issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), will cover closure for 2 units and will not authorize any treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous waste that requires a RCRA permit. The Part I Permit was placed on public notice on August 11, 2011, and is currently available for public review until September 25, 2011, at the locations listed below.


EPA encourages the public to become familiar with the documents that support the draft Permit. The documents can be found in the Administrative Record file at the following locations during normal business hours:

Manhattan Public Library
629 Poyntz Ave.
Manhattan, Kansas
Contact: Reference Desk
(785) 776-4741, ext. 141

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
100 SW. Jackson Street
Topeka, Kansas 66612-1366
Contact: Mostafa Kamal
(785) 296-1609

EPA Region 7 Library
901 N. Fifth Street
Kansas City, KS 66101
Contact: Chris Jump
(913) 551-7141


A formal public hearing has not been scheduled but will be held if there is sufficient public interest. Request for a public hearing must be made in writing to the EPA contact listed below and must state the nature of the issues to be raised at the hearing. EPA will evaluate any request and hold a formal hearing if it finds that a hearing will contribute to the decision-making process by clarifying significant issues affecting the Permit. EPA will make a final permit decision only after the public comment period ends and all comments are reviewed. EPA may modify the draft Permit based on any new information and comments from the public.

Comments on the draft Permit or request for a public hearing must be submitted in writing by October 10, 2011 to:

Chris Jump
EPA Region 7 (AWMD/RCAP)
901 N. Fifth Street
Kansas City, KS 66101

Individuals may write to the EPA contact listed above to join the mailing list. Joining the mailing list will allow an individual to receive any updated information directly throughout the permit process.

For more information on this public notice or if you have questions about the Facility please contact:

Beckie Himes
Community Involvement Coordinator
EPA, Region 7, Office of Public Affairs
901 N. Fifth Street
Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: (913) 551-7253
Toll-free: (800) 223-0425
Email: himes.beckie@epa.gov


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