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Fact Sheet

July 14, 2011

Collection of Household Hazardous Waste, White Goods and Electronic Goods, Joplin, Missouri

Under one of its emergency response missions assigned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), EPA and its contractors are continuing to collect three specific categories of residential tornado debris from curbsides in Joplin:

EPA is providing two options for disposal of household hazardous waste, white goods and electronic equipment:

Household hazardous waste is being segregated for proper treatment and safe disposal. Refrigerant gases and hazardous materials are being captured or removed from white goods. White goods and electronic equipment are being recycled. EPA's material collection totals, by category, are updated regularly online at www.epa.gov/joplin.

Additionally, EPA is reminding Joplin residents to keep three other categories of residential tornado debris segregated into piles at curbside, so that they can be collected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its contractors:

Some common household items containing potentially hazardous ingredients that might be found in homes, garages, basements or other storage spaces on tornado-damaged properties:

Cleaning products – cleaners used to clean toilets, drains, tubs, tile and showers; wood and metal cleaners/polishers, bleach and pool chemicals

Flammable products - propane tanks and compressed gas cylinders, kerosene, home heating oil, diesel fuel, gas/oil mixtures and lighter fluid

Indoor pesticides - ant sprays and baits, cockroach sprays and baits, flea repellents and anti-flea shampoos, bug sprays, household insecticides, moth repellents and mouse/rat poisons and baits

Automotive products - motor oil, fuel additives, carburetor and fuel injection cleaners, air conditioning refrigerants, starter fluids, automotive batteries, transmission fluid, brake fluid and antifreeze.

Lawn and Garden products – herbicides, insecticides and fungicides/wood preservatives

Workshop/painting supplies – adhesives, glues, furniture strippers, oil or enamel-based paints, stains and finishes, paint thinners and turpentine, paint strippers and removers, photographic chemicals, fixatives and other solvents

Miscellaneous – batteries, mercury thermostats/thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs and driveway sealer

EPA is also retrieving orphaned hazardous containers, such as propane tanks that were picked up or moved during the tornado. Persons finding or sighting an orphaned tank or drum should be aware that it can be potentially dangerous and should call EPA at (913) 281-0991 for proper disposal.

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