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Fact Sheet

December 2009

Change to Final Remedy Proposed, Fort Leavenworth Hancock Avenue Inactive Sanitary Landfill, Leavenworth, Kansas


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 7 invites the public to comment on the proposed change to the selected remedy for the Ft. Leavenworth Hancock Avenue inactive sanitary landfill (FTL-04) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

The proposed change includes removal of all landfill waste, transport of the waste to an off-site permitted landfill, backfilling with clean soil, and abandonment of monitoring wells.  After successful completion of this changed remedy, no further action would be required at FTL-04.

The comment period begins December 21, 2009, and ends January 22, 2010. Comments or requests should be submitted in writing by January 22, 2010.  A public availability session is not planned, unless there is significant public interest.


Fort Leavenworth is an active U.S. Army installation whose primary mission is training officers for staff work. The other large mission at Fort Leavenworth is the long-term confinement of military prisoners in the United States Disciplinary Barracks (USDB). Other significant activities on the Fort include coordination of combined arms collective training and the National Simulation Center. The Fort has been active since 1827.

The FTL-04 landfill reportedly received sanitary waste during the late 1940s and early 1950s. The installation has historically provided educational, administrative, health care, and confinement services for the U.S. Army. Therefore, sanitary wastes disposed in the landfill were probably similar to general refuse placed in ordinary municipal landfills at the time. The landfill was covered with native soil material, graded, and vegetated as part of a closure activity in the early 1950s.


The final remedy for the FTL-04 landfill, selected in June 2005, was Land Use Controls, landfill cover maintenance, and ground water and surface water monitoring.

In late 2007, EPA was informed that the Fort Leavenworth Planning Division wished to use FTL-04 for an aquatic center and a parking lot for a new Child Development Center.

In February 2008, Fort Leavenworth informed EPA that they had requested and received Army funding approval to change the remedy at the FTL-04 landfill and clean up the site by removing all landfill waste to achieve an unrestricted use determination. The landfill waste will be taken to an off-site permitted landfill, and the excavation will be backfilled with clean soil. The removal of the landfill was deemed beneficial to the Army and will allow redevelopment of the area.


EPA encourages the public to review the Administrative Record File and comment on the proposed change to the remedy. Written comments should be submitted by January 22, 2010.

Guidelines for Commenting:


Send Comments and Requests to:

Daniel Gravatt
EPA Region 7
901 N. Fifth St.
Kansas City, KS 66101
E-mail: gravatt.dan@epa.gov

The Administrative Record file is available at the following locations:

Leavenworth Public Library
417 Spruce
Leavenworth, KS 66048
(913) 682-5666
M – Th             9 – 9
F & Sat            9 – 5
Sun                 1 - 5

EPA Records Center                
901 N. Fifth St.
Kansas City, KS 66101
(913) 551-7166
M – F                7 - 5

To have a name added to the mailing list, or if you have questions or requests for information please contact:

Beckie Himes
Office of Public Affairs
EPA Region 7
901 N. Fifth St.
Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: 913-551-7253
Toll free: 800-223-0425
e-mail: himes.beckie@epa.gov

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