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Fact Sheet

August 2010

Announcing the Start of the Third Five-Year Review, Findett Corporation Superfund Site (Hayford Bridge Road Groundwater Site), St. Charles, St. Charles County, Missouri


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducts regular five-year checkups, called five-year reviews, on Superfund sites where cleanups have been completed but some hazardous substances remain in place. These regular five-year reviews are required by the Superfund law [42 U.S.C. Section 9621 (c)] to make sure the site remains safe and the cleanup actions continue to protect public health and the environment. EPA has initiated the third five-year review for this site.

EPA=s first five-year review of the Findett Site was completed in 2000 and the second in September 2005. Both previous reviews concluded the remedy continues to be protective.

Site Background

The Findett Site is located within the city of St. Charles, Missouri, near the intersection of Elm Point Road and Governor Drive.

Between 1962 and 1973, Findett Corp. operated a chemical recycling and

formulation facility at the site. Findett reclaimed used hydraulic fluids, heat transfer fluids, and solvents. Some of the
reprocessed hydraulic and heat transfer fluids contained polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Other materials that Findett handled contained volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Findett used an unlined “quench pond” to cool residues from the oil and fluid recycling operations. As a result, VOCs and PCBs contaminated surface soils, subsurface soils and ground water on the Findett property and an adjacent property owned by the Cadmus Corporation.

As a Superfund project, the site was divided into three operable units (OUs): OU1 addresses the soil and ground water contamination on the Findett property; OU2 addresses the soil contamination on the Cadmus property; and OU3 addresses the contaminated ground water that migrated off OU1 and OU2.

In 1990, EPA and Findett entered into an agreement to implement a remedy for OU1. PCB-contaminated surface soils at OU1 were excavated and disposed offsite; a ground water system was installed and continues to treat extracted ground water at OU1.

In 2001, EPA and several former Findett customers entered into an agreement to
implement a soils cleanup for OU2. The work was completed later that year.

In 2007, Findett and former customers entered into an agreement with EPA to implement the remedial cleanup specified by EPA in a 2005 Record of Decision. The remedy involves monitoring of the offsite contamination, institutional controls to prevent exposure to the offsite contaminated ground water, and a contingency to implement further actions if specific criteria are exceeded.

Five-Year Reviews

During this five-year review, EPA will inspect the site and study information to determine whether completed cleanups conducted at OU1, OU2 and OU3, continue to be protective. We encourage the community to tell us about site conditions or any concerns.

At the end of the review, a final report will be prepared and will be available in the information repositories and on EPA's Website.

Additional Information

Detailed site information, including all earlier five-year review reports, and the administrative record for the fourth five-year review, is available at the following locations:

EPA Records Center
901 N. Fifth St.
Kansas City, Kan.

St. Charles City-County Library
Kathryn Linnemann Branch
2323 Elm Street
St. Charles, Mo.

Questions or requests for information can be submitted to:

Fritz Hirter
Community Involvement Coordinator
U.S. EPA Region 7
901 N. Fifth St.
Kansas City, KS 66101
Toll free: (800) 223-0425

E-mail: hirter.fritz@.epa.gov

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