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Fact Sheet

March 2012

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Meeting March 13 in West Point, Nebraska

EPA Region 7 representatives will host a public informational meeting for livestock producers about the Agency’s compliance and inspection program for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) on Tuesday, March 13, in West Point, Neb. EPA Region 7’s inspections are part of an increased national emphasis on helping livestock producers understand the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Topics at the meeting include selection of CAFOs for inspection, aerial overflights to assess CAFOs, winter feeding areas, manure stockpiling and nutrient management plans.

EPA’s inspections at some CAFOs have documented serious violations of both state and federal clean water laws. EPA is holding this meeting to discuss with producers the areas of concern in livestock operations and proactive steps that producers can take to help minimize runoff from feedlots and assure compliance with the Clean Water Act.

WHAT: Meeting about EPA’s inspection program for CAFOs

WHEN: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WHERE: Nielsen Community Center, 200 Anna Stalp Avenue, West Point, Neb., 68788

WHO: EPA Region 7 representatives attending this event will include Josh Svaty, senior adviser to the regional administrator; Stephen Pollard, CAFO compliance and enforcement coordinator; and Trevor Urban, senior CAFO inspector

For information, contact EPA Region 7 CAFO Compliance and Enforcement Coordinator Stephen Pollard, (913) 551-7582, pollard.stephen@epa.gov; or Dennis Heitmann, CAFO Coordinator for the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, (402) 471-4288.

Learn more about EPA’s civil enforcement of the Clean Water Act

Learn more about the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and how it regulates concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)

Read a summary (1 pg, 28K, About PDF) of how the NPDES regulations define large, medium and small CAFOs

EPA Region 7 offers 10 tips to help CAFO owners and operators prepare for inspections

The Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association has posted the meeting on its online calendar Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

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