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Air Quality Action Days

Air Quality Action Days are usually called on hot, muggy days with little wind, when the amount of ground-level ozone is predicted to approach unhealthful levels and the federal standard for ozone could be exceeded.  Local television and radio stations alert the public to an ozone action day prediction. On such days, the community can take simple, voluntary actions to help reduce the risk of ground-level ozone.  Some symptoms of breathing ground level ozone are chest pain, coughing, nausea, throat irritation, and congestion.  It may also aggravate bronchitis, heart disease, emphysema, and asthma.  Children, senior citizens, and those with asthma or other respiratory problems are urged to limit outdoor activities when an ozone action day is predicted.

10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Ozone Formation:

  1. Instead of driving, share a ride, take public transportation, walk or bike.
  2. Keep your car well maintained to limit excess emissions.
  3. If you must drive, avoid excessive idling or jack-rabbit starts, and try to consolidate errands.
  4. Don't refuel your car, or only do so after 7 pm.
  5. Avoid using outboard motors, off-road vehicles, or other gasoline powered recreational vehicles.
  6. Wait to mow your lawn until late evening or the next day. Also, avoid using gas powered garden equipment.
  7. Use latex paints instead of oil-based paints, solvents, or varnishes that produce fumes.
  8. If you are barbecuing, use an electric starter instead of charcoal lighter fluid.
  9. Limit or postpone your household chores that will involve the use of consumer products.
  10. Conserve energy to reduce energy needs.
The following links will lead to Air Quality Action Day forecasts and partnership sites:

EPA's AIRNOW site: displays real-time air quality data for different areas in the U.S. 

Air Quality Action Partnerships:
Daily air quality forecasts for areas in the region:

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