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Summary Report for the Workshop on Monte Carlo Analysis

Risk Assessment Forum

This workshop (held in May 1996) convened Monte Carlo analysis experts and practitioners, internal as well as external to EPA, to discuss issues and advance the development of guiding principles concerning how to prepare or review a Monte Carlo analysis. These guiding principles will provide the foundation for future Agency policies and guidance on using Monte Carlo analysis as a tool for characterizing uncertainty and variability in human health risk assessments. [Note: EPA published the Guiding Principles for Monte Carlo Analysis in 1997.] While the workshop focused on Monte Carlo analysis, many of the guiding principles developed at the workshop also apply to other approaches for characterizing uncertainty and variability.

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Note: a complete electronic version of this document that preserves its original appearance (such as in a pdf file format) is not currently available. However, a scanned version is available in image or text format from EPA's National Environmental Publications Information System. Paper copies may be ordered from the National Technical Information Service.


Summary Report for the Workshop on Monte Carlo Analysis. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Risk Assessment Forum, Washington, DC, EPA/630/R-96/010, 1996.

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