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Report of the Neurotoxicity Risk Assessment Guidelines Peer Review Workshop

Risk Assessment Forum

On June 2 and 3, 1992, EPA's Risk Assessment Forum sponsored a workshop for peer review of draft EPA guidelines for neurotoxicity risk assessment. Participants from academia, industry, and state and federal government brought expertise from a wide range of disciplines to the discussion. Members of the public and EPA scientific staff attended the workshop as observers. The Agency is using the peer review comments to help complete a proposal for neurotoxicity risk assessment guidelines that will be published for public comment and reviewed by EPA's Science Advisory Board during the coming year. This workshop report presents information on issues discussed at the workshop, identifies participants, and summarizes workgroup conclusions.

[Note: the workshop and this workshop report were used in completing EPA's 1998 Neurotoxicity Risk Assessment Guidelines.]

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Note: a complete electronic version of this document that preserves its original appearance (such as in a pdf file format) is not currently available. However, a scanned version is available in image or text format from EPA's National Environmental Publications Information System. Paper copies may be ordered from the National Technical Information Service.


US EPA. Report of the Neurotoxicity Risk Assessment Guidelines Peer Review Workshop. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Risk Assessment Forum, Washington, DC, EPA/630/R-92/003, 1992.

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