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Radiation Source Reduction & Management
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EPA has identified specific areas in which training can help reduce the opportunity for sealed sources to contaminate the U.S. steel stock or the environment. Working with industry and trade groups, the Agency has developed three training courses that address key groups.

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Training for Scrap Metal Workers

Radioactive sources or contaminated scrap can cause severe illness or death to workers at metal processing facilities. Cleanup of sites where melting have occurred cost multiple millions of dollars.

EPA worked with state, federal, and industry organizations to develop a CD-ROM-based training program that helps workers at scrap metal yards identify and properly handle radioactive materials found in scrap shipments. The CD ROM training program, entitled Response to Radiation Alarms at Metal Processing Facilities, is designed to prevent unwanted radioactive material (orphan sources) from entering scrap metal processing facilities. (Learn more...)

Poster: Response to Radiation Alarms at Processing Facilities (PDF) (1 pg, 473K [about PDF format])

Training Course
Responding to Radiation Alarms

Responding to Radiation Alarms

Zip File (433 MB)

Download takes approximately 10 minutes. After downloading and unzipping, click on EPA_Orphan.exe to run the training.

Training for Demolition Contractors

training CD cover

Most of the radiation sources showing up at scrap metal facilities come from industrial demolition sites. Industrial gauges and devices containing radioactive sources frequently require little or no maintenance and are long lasting. As a result they are often forgotten, perhaps painted over, and unknown to demolition contractors. To help demolition contractors prevent their entry into the scrap metal supply, EPA and the National Demolition Association have developed a training CD, Identifying Radioactive Sources at the Demolition Site. The course shows contractors how to identify and secure radioactive gauges and devices for proper disposal. (Learn more...)

Poster: Radioactive Sources at Demolition Site (PDF) (1 pg, 1.1MB)

Training Course
Demolition Contractors

Radioactive Sources at Demolition Site

Zip File (536 MB)

Download takes approximately 15 minutes. After downloading and unzipping, click on epa.exe to run the training.

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If you have any questions, please contact us at 202.343-9367.

Responsible Management of Tritium EXIT Signs
A Safer Way Out, The Responsible Management of Tritium Exit Signs

A Safer Way Out, The Responsible Management of Tritium Exit Signs

EXIT signs that contain tritium are potentially hazardous, and need to be handled and disposed of properly to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure. EPA promotes proper disposal of tritium EXIT signs at the end of their useful life and recommends considering non-radioactive alternative technologies when purchasing replacements.

EPA has developed an on-line training course, Tritium Exit Signs, Responsible Management, which provides detailed, easy-to-follow guidelines for identifying, using and disposing of tritium EXIT signs. The course discusses the importance of proper use and disposal. This free training is ideal: for state and local officials; for owners, managers and maintenance personnel of public places including schools, hotels, malls, dorms and theaters; and for green building designers.

The training is available on-line at www.trainex.org (search for "Tritium")

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