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May 13, 1997 Conference Call Minutes

I. Conference Call Participants

II. Issues and Items Discussed

A. Tim reported on the results of his meeting with Beth. Beth and Tim were able to resolve most of the comments from the Workgroup members. They identified a number of specific issues to be addressed.

B. Okey reported that OSi's analysis of process vent streams and wastewater streams had been completed and enabled them to get a handle on flow rates and concentrations. The analysis resulted in the conclusion that all three process vents from the capper unit could be tied into the vent incinerator. He expected that interim milestones for installation of the vent incinerator would be available by the end of the month. Michele noted that the milestone dates are necessary for inclusion in the FPA. Beth added that the dates are necessary before the document can go into concurrence within the Agency.

C. The State participants agreed to provide their comments on the FPA by Friday, May 16.

D. Jim Michael noted that he and Sherri had begun briefing of OSW upper management. He asked for clarification of the level of organic emissions from the surface impoundments. Following that discussion, Jim suggested that Appendix D (emissions estimates) should be broken down to provide allocation of emissions from the wastewater treatment unit.

E. Sherri asked whether the language in the waste minimization section of the FPA needs to be changed, but Beth felt the existing language was appropriate. Sherri also asked OSi whether the list of chemicals identified by EPA as persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals will be a focus of the waste minimization study. OSi confirmed that the list would be one focus of the study.

F. The Workgroup agreed that the schedule for AA concurrence by June 9 was still realistic.

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