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San Diego County's Department of Environmental Health (DEH) proposes to develop and implement streamlined, centralized environmental reporting and an integrated and coordinated set of pollution prevention programs for a subset of tenants in the San Diego Unified Port District. The DEH seeks to establish a centralized database of key environmental information so that it can establish a baseline, prioritize the most critical environmental impacts of the Port, and provide public access to these data. In addition, the DEH would use these data to develop a pollution prevention index to measure the amount of pollution created per unit of economic activity over time. In providing a framework for Port tenants to share information and resources, the DEH also seeks to prevent pollution through emissions reductions, facilitate more efficient use of materials and resources, enhance wastestream management, and establish a "financial resource pool" for shared investments in equipment and other environmental services. The DEH also would integrate pollution prevention principles into public policy and lease agreement guidelines for Port tenants. To accomplish these goals, the DEH would seek relief for Port tenants from duplicative reporting, record keeping and monitoring requirements mandated by Federal and State regulations, such as those required by RCRA, CAA, the Toxic Release Inventory, and California's Source Reduction Plans.

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