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Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Safety-Kleen

Letter from Mary Gade to David Gardiner


December 26, 1996

David Gardiner
Assistant Administrator
Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460

Dear Mr. Gardiner:

This letter conveys the decision we have reached about continuing with the joint XL project proposal sponsored by IEPA and Safety-Kleen Corp. As you recall, you sent us a letter regarding this project in May, 1996 that confirmed the project selection committee's deferral of any decision at that time.

Since we received your letter, we have participated in several discussion sessions with Region 5, USEPA, and have worked on possible project revisions to address the initial review questions. IEPA has also participated in other dialogue sessions arranged by ECOS to look into how well Project XL is going and to consider regulatory innovation in general. Based on these discussions, we have decided to withdraw the subject project proposal in favor of conducting some innovative initiatives at the state level. We will be sure to apprise you of any findings which may improve the federal systems ability to encourage superior environmental performance.

We trust that this letter will be sufficient to take our project proposal out of the XL Program. Please contact us if you need further information regarding this decision.


Mary A. Gade F. Henry Habicht

Director Senior Vice-President

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Corporate Planning and Environment

Safety-Kleen Corp.

cc: Lisa Lund

David Ullrich

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