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The Pacific Marine and Supply Company

Letter from Senator Inouye to Felecia Marcus



December 15, 1995

Ms. Felecia Marcus
Regional Administrator
Environmental Protection Agency
Region IX
75 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, California 94105

Dear Ms. Marcus:

I am writing in support of the Project XL proposal submitted by my constituent, Pacific Marine.

Hawaii is in a most difficult situation because it has no means of treating or disposing its hazardous wastes. It is required to tranship these wastes to the continental United States for disposal. It is a costly, and possibly risky exercise.

Pacific Marine has developed a Terra Vit Technology to treat heavy metal contaminated soils and ash. The process produces an inert, glasslike material that can be configured into commercial products. If this technology proves successful, Hawaii would have a cost effective and safe alternative to shipping its waste to the continental United States. It would indeed be an innovative approach to the management of hazardous waste. Pacific Marine will also be working with the Department of Defense, Pacific Command, on a demonstration project for a military application.

I also understand that the State of Hawaii's Department of Health is committed to working with Pacific Marine to devise a flexible permitting process which would address the public's questions without losing the prospects of an exciting solution to Hawaii's growing problem.

The Environmental Protection Agency's approval of Pacific Marine's Project XL proposal would be a most important investment in a promising technology to address the disposal of hazardous waste in Hawaii and throughout our nation. Within applicable rules and regulations, I would appreciate your full and fair consideration of the proposal. Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to hearing from you.


United States Senator


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