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Crompton Corporation (Formerly Witco Corporation)

Sisterville, WV Public Meeting Minutes


I. Meeting Attendees and Agenda

A. A list containing the names of the meeting attendees is attached to these minutes as Appendix A.

B. A copy of the meeting agenda and presentation materials is attached to these minutes as Appendix B.

II. Introduction and Overview

A. Dennis Heintzman opened the meeting with safety procedures for the plant park and then introduced the members of the Project XL Workteam and local community leaders present at the meeeting. He explained that the Project was developed by the OrganoSilicones Group of Witco Corporation, also known as OSi Specialties, Inc. ("OSi"). OSi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Witco Corporation.

B. Dennis announced that the Final Project Agreement ("FPA"), which describes the components of the Project, is now available for public comment. A notice of availability for the FPA appeared in the Federal Register on June 27, 1997. Dennis stated that EPA is requesting public comment on the FPA through July 28, 1997. Dennis also noted that the agencies will propose new rules in order to implement the Project and that EPA's proposed rules will appear in the Federal Register. The public will also have an opportunity to comment at that time.

C. Maria Vickers expressed her support for the Project, adding that it has involved some very complex negotiations and a lot of hard work. She commended the Workteam on its efforts and its collaborative spirit. She noted that it will likely be the fourth agreement signed by EPA under Project XL and she stated that this Project has the support of the very highest levels at EPA. Maria stated that OSi has worked diligently to encourage public participation in the development of the Project and she encouraged continued public participation throughout the comment period and Project implementation.

D. Nancy Birnbaum explained that she is the Project XL contact for OSi's Project at EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C. She encouraged the public to contact her with any questions or comments they have about the OSi Project. She noted that formal comments on the Project should be submitted to her or Cheryl Atkinson in writing. Nancy described the XL program and the project development process, explaining the standard progression through the program from submission of a proposal to negotiation of an FPA and, finally, to implementation of the project. She noted that public involvement is a very important component of the XL program. She also explained that EPA evaluates the proposals it receives against several criteria, including whether the proposed project will provide superior environmental benefit for less cost than traditional forms of regulatory compliance.

E. Dennis expressed special thanks to Chris van L`ben Sels of the Natural Resources Defense Council ("NRDC") for his contribution to the development of the Project. He noted that Chris participated in several Workteam meetings and provided the group with valuable insights and suggestions which have been incorporated into the Project.

III. Explanation of the Project

A. Dennis explained the various components of the Project which are set forth in the FPA. He also described the evolution of the Project from the initial proposal, through Project changes, to its final form. (See Appendix B for further detail.)

B. Tony Vandenberg described the superior environmental performance to be achieved through implementation of the Project. (See Appendix B for further detail.)

C. Okey Tucker described the regulatory requirements impacted by the Project and explained the nature of the regulatory relief that the agencies intend to grant to OSi as part of the Project. Okey also described the legal mechanisms (consent orders, rules) that will be used to implement the Project and the expected term of the Project. (See Appendix B for further detail.)

D. Okey and Dennis reiterated that EPA is seeking public comment on the FPA and they encouraged the meeting attendees to submit comments to EPA. (See Appendix B for further detail.) Dennis and Okey then invited the meeting attendees to ask any questions they had about the Project.

E. The group was then served dinner and the meeting attendees had an opportunity to discuss the Project informally with OSi, EPA, and DEP representatives.

IV. Public Comments

A. Jim McKnight, a longtime citizen of Pleasants County and current member of the State Board of Education, expressed strong support for the Project. He noted that Witco-OSi has been an important part of the local community, contributing to the local economy, providing opportunities for the local children to live and work in West Virginia following their formal education, and running an environmentally-friendly facility. He stated that he intends to submit formal written comments to EPA in support of the Project.

B. Robert Wable, President of the Tyler County Commission, also expressed strong support for the Project, stating that the Commission is backing the efforts of Witco-Osi one hundred percent. He added that the plant has been a good neighbor and that the community has great trust and confidence in the people who work at the plant.

V. Company Update

A. Fred Dailey, the Sistersville Plant Manager, expressed his appreciation for the hard work and creativity that went into developing the Project. He gave special recognition to Dennis Heintzman and Okey Tucker who formulated the idea for the Project and led the OSi team that developed the Project. He stated that he is very proud that the company not only satisfies its customers, a primary goal, but is also a good citizen and does good things for the environment.

B. Fred noted that the plant management has dinner with the community leaders on an annual basis to bring them up to date on developments within the company and at the plant. He explained that because several community leaders intended to attend this public meeting, he would like to provide an update on the company at this time. Fred discussed the structure and goals of Witco Corporation, its leadership strategies, its financial goals, and its short term and long range plans. Fred also discussed the goals established for the Sistersville facility in particular.

Maria Parisi Vickers - EPA - Region III

Beth Termini - EPA - Region III

Cheryl Atkinson - EPA - Region III

Michele Aston - EPA - Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards

Nancy Birnbaum - EPA - Office of Reinvention

Fred Dailey - Witco

Tony Vandenberg - Witco

Dennis Heintzman - Witco

Dale Koontz - Witco

Okey Tucker - Witco

Dave Sands - Witco

Steve Pierce - Witco

Kim Bartrug - Witco

Jesse M. Barnhart - Witco

Mike Reifer - Witco

John Trunk - Witco

Aaron Cameron - Witco

Bob Kayser - Witco

Craig Eddy - Witco

Mark Leskovicz - Witco

Brenda Hustis Gotanda - Witco - Manko, Gold & Katcher

Lucy Pontiveros - WVDEP Office of Air Quality

Jonathan McClung - WVDEPOffice of Air Quality

Jim McKnight - Mountaineer Packaging Service

Barbara Vincent - Tyler City Planning Commission

Eric Peters - Tyler City Planning Commission

Robert D. Wable, President - Tyler County Commission

Art Mason - Tyler County Commission

Cindy Bridgeman - Tyler Star News

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