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Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G)

Public Service Electric and Gas Company proposes a program of life-cycle materials management which has already begun at its facilities. The project is a comprehensive plan of waste reduction, from generation to disposal, achieved through both organizational and operational changes within PSE&G. Over the past two years, PSE&G has centralized its material management system, consolidating planning and control of all materials in its various business units. To continue these efforts, PSE&G requests regulatory flexibility for hazardous waste management. Specifically, the company seeks relief from RCRA regulations for the generation, transportation, and consolidation of hazardous waste (40 CFR Part 273). PSE&G proposes to manage certain low volume, widely generated waste streams as RCRA "universal wastes", which they claim will reduce waste management costs through consolidation of waste shipments previously shipped individually to TSD facilities and the achievement of economies of scale in recycling and/or disposal. PSE&G also seeks regulatory flexibility under New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Solid Waste Flow Rules on the management of chemically treated wood scrap.

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