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New Jersey Gold Track

The Gold Track Program is a crucial part of NJDEP's efforts to create a State-run tiered performance-based program. Currently, facilities may join NJDEP's Silver Track Program, which is a lower-level tier that provides recognition for commitments to a certain level of environmental enhancement. Gold Track expands upon these environmental commitments, and offers proportionally greater recognition, as well as actual federal regulatory flexibility to participating facilities. NJDEP is partnering with EPA in the Gold Track effort under the XL program, so as to be able to offer federal regulatory flexibility to Gold Track participants.

Facilities participating in Gold Track must commit to:

As described in the FPA, the Gold Track Pilot will be limited to no more than 9 facilities, which must pass a rigorous screening and application process. Upon acceptance into the Gold Track Program, NJDEP will enter into a covenant agreement with each participating facility that will detail all aspects of Gold Track participation, monitoring, and reporting. Facility covenant terms and performance standards will be made enforceable through a combination of federal and state rule changes, as well as changes to individual facility permits.

The regulatory flexibilities proposed under Gold Track include among others:

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