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Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC)

NBC is a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) which treats wastewaters from domestic, commercial and industrial sources in the metropolitan Providence and Blackstone Valley areas. Through its Industrial Pretreatment Program, which is required to operate under its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, NBC collects and regulates wastewater discharges from approximately 360,00 people and 8,000 businesses.

In 1994, NBC developed two regulatory / pollution prevention integration programs, NBC Metal finishing 2000 and CLEAN P2 Regulatory Relief. The programs test new regulatory approaches to improve environmental compliance by the local industrial community.

NBC would like to expand the regulatory barriers currently being tested by offering flexibility with state and federal requirements, in addition to specific NBC regulations, in order to investigate and demonstrate improved environmental procedures and practices. NBC would like the flexibility to reduce self-monitoring requirements and inspections for certain industrial users (IUs), so staff can focus on problem IUs. NBC would like to replace categorical and mass-based standards with more stringent local limits specifically designed to protect the facilities operations. NBC also would like to reclassify some small categorical IUs and reduce monitoring requirements because they pose little or no threat to the facility's operations.

In addition to improving the quality of wastewater discharges, NBC will strive for less generation of hazardous waste and increased pollution prevention at participating companies."

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