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NASA White Sands Test Facility

The NASA White Sands Test Facility is a component of the Johnson Space Center that provides a wide variety of test and laboratory research and development support to NASA, the Department of Defense, other government agencies and private industry. The 94 square mile facility is located on the western slope of the San Andres mountains between Las Cruces, New Mexico and the White Sands Missile Range. In this project, NASA WSTF proposes to implement an extensive Internet (web)-based information management and regulatory reporting system. The proposed web-based system will provide the EPA and multiple New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Bureaus with real-time access to regulatory reports, historical site information including groundwater database archives, graphical interpretations of site conditions, and cross-media environmental compliance information and reports. This project will require regulatory flexibility from the reporting requirements specified in site-specific regulatory documentation and permits. In addition, electronic data archival issues concerning the Administrative Record and relief from the signatory to permit application and reports requirements of 40 CFR 270.11 would need approval and concurrence. NASA proposes that this project will still meet all current regulatory requirements; only the format, delivery method, and data archival procedures will be modified.

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