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Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)

The State of Florida and FDEP are requesting that EPA delegate to FDEP the authority to solicit, review, and approve proposals from the regulated community. The FDEP program would be modeled after the national Project XL program currently executed by EPA. FDEP intends to develop approximately 1 to 5 projects in each FDEP District Office over a two year time frame. However, if resources allow, FDEP would like to reserve the right to develop more per district. Proposals would be accepted from both public and private sponsors, and after two years, FDEP and EPA would evaluate the effectiveness of the XL Program and negotiate extensions if the intended environmental results are achieved. In addition, FDEP will work with the U.S. EPA's Region 4 office to construct a review and approval process. The State of Florida claims that no project will reach final agreement without first implementing a well-designed Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP).

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