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DuPont Petrochemicals

DuPont Petrochemicals proposes Project XL flexibility to treat a listed leachate waste stream concurrently with non-listed wastes at the company's Victoria, Texas plant. DuPont states that combining treatment of these waste streams in its new biological water treatment facility will eliminate the use of underground injection at the plant. However, current waste regulations preventing the treatment of listed and non-listed wastes together inhibit implementation of this plan. Regulatory flexibility with these requirements would also exempt effluents from this facility from classification as a listed hazardous waste, furthering DuPont's plans to the put the water to beneficial use through constructed wetlands and recovery of biosolids. Specifically, DuPont seeks relief from the "mixture and derived from" rules promulgated at 40 CFR 261.3(a)(2)(iii) and 261.3(c)(2)(i) to allow the company to treat a listed hazardous waste stream (multi-source landfill leachate) together with non-listed wastes without the classification of the stream as a new listed waste. The company includes in its proposal a letter from the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission which documents the Commission's support for the proposed project.

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