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Clermont County, Ohio (XLC)

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Consistent with its goal of improving water quality in the Little Miami River Watershed while maintaining opportunities for economic growth, Clermont County proposes a community designed watershed management plan. They propose to develop an Environmental Protection Plan in order to integrate the County's watershed management plan into the broader state plan administered by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agancy (OEPA). The plan will use information from the computer-based model to identify which policy and capital changes must be made in order to attain the County's water quality goals. As part of the watershed management plan, the County anticipates using an effluent trading system in which pollution credits may be exchanged among point and non-point source polluters. In an attempt to improve water quality and encourage all polluters to share in the necessary expense, the county proposes to replace the command and control regulatory framework with a collaborative goal setting approach. Once businesses, citizens, and environmental groups establish water quality goals, the county desires to shift the responsibility for achieving the goals from the OEPA to the local level. As part of the watershed management plan, Clermont County will develop a sampling and monitoring program, a computer-based watershed model, and a County environmental protection plan. The sampling and monitoring program will, among other things, allow the County to compile data on the existing environmental condition in the watershed and help assess the effects of point and non-point source pollution. The computer-based simulation will enable predictions to be made regarding the impact land management policies will have on the environmental condition of the watershed, and will help the County establish permitting requirements for both point and non-point sources.

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