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Virginia Landfill

Maplewood Landfill and King George County Landfills

Waste Management of Virginia, Inc., is proposing to implement two slightly different waste treatment systems at two of its Virginia Landfills. Leachate recirculation would be implemented at its Maplewood Recycling and Waste Disposal Facility (Maplewood Landfill) and bioreactor operations would be implemented at the King George County Landfill and Recycling Facility (King George County Landfill.) The sponsors of the proposed XL project include WM, VADEQ, Amelia County, and King George County. Under the Project, WM is requesting flexibility from the RCRA requirement that prohibits application of bulk liquids in municipal solid waste landfills (40CFR Section 258.28.) The facility is also requesting similar flexibility under Part V of Virginia Solid Waste Management Regulations.

Leachate Recirculation by itself offers the following potential benefits:

Additional liquid streams are proposed to be introduced in the bioreactor system at the King George County facility, which would enhance the benefits described above.

Waste Management intends not only to implement the two different waste treatment systems, but also to compare the performance of the two sites in order to evaluate biodegradation potentials of the waste treatment systems, and to examine and costs and benefits associated with the leachate recirculation system vs. bioreactor systems.

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