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Weyerhaeuser and Carolina Power and Light Companies

Weyerhaeuser plans to expand its Microboard and Medium Density Fiberboard facility in Moncure, North Carolina near the Chathamand and Wake Counties line. Wake County has recently been re-designated as an ozone attainment area, although ambient ozone concentrations in the area continue to be relatively high. An expansion of the Weyerhaeuser Moncure wood products facility would significantly increase the emissions of VOCs, which is a PSD regulated pollutant, requiring the facility to install Best Available Control Technology. Recognizing that NOx emissions from nearby existing sources combine with ambient VOCs to form ozone, Carolina Power & Light (CP&L), which operates one of the NOx sources adjacent to the Weyerhaeuser Moncure facility, proposed to 1) reduce its NOx emissions by 700 tons per year by installing Low NOx burners at unit 5 in lieu of less effective VOC controls being contemplated at Weyerhaeuser's Moncure facility; and 2) to meet CAA Title IV NOx emission reduction requirements. Under this proposal, CP&L would commit to establishing and complying with a new limit on its NOx emissions while being reimbursed by Weyerhaeuser for the equipment, installation, and operating costs associated with reducing the emissions. The environmental benefits include a greater reduction in ozone and reduced hazardous air pollutants.

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