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State of Tennessee

401 Church Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-1548


DATE: December 10, 1996

SUBJECT: Tennessee's XL Project Proposal

FROM: David L. Harbin

Assistant Regional Counsel

TO: Bill Patton

XL Project Contact

EAD, EPA Region 4

The purpose of this memorandum is to update you on the status of Tennessee's XL Project Proposal. The status of Tennessee's activities regarding the XL Project proposal is as follows:

1. Representatives (Commissioner Wilson, Greer Tidwell, Jr., and myself) of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation recently met with representatives (Adjutant General Dan Wood, Director John White and members of their staff) of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA). TEMA is the central point of contact for all DOT hazardous materials reporting and operates a 24 hour emergency reporting system. TDEC presented the proposal to TEMA and expressed a desire that TEMA act as the central contact for emergency reporting. TEMA was very receptive to this proposal and indicated a preliminary willingness to act as the central point of contact. Both TDEC and TEMA agreed that TEMA is already receiving the bulk of the calls reporting emergency spills in Tennessee. It appears that TEMA already has the staff and the equipment necessary to serve as Tennessee's central point of contact for emergency reporting. It appears that little additional resources (e.g., staff training in specific regulatory requirements) are needed by TEMA to take on this additional reporting.

2. TDEC received your fax, dated Oct. 10, 1996, containing questions that TDEC should begin thinking about. In subsequent discussions, I understood that a written response to your questions is not necessary at this time (that both the Region and Headquarters would have more questions later in the review process). I have had several conversations with EPA headquarters and have responded verbally during these discussions. Please feel free to contact me at (615) 532-0144 if I can answer any questions that you may have. Also, if you need a written response, let me know.

It enjoyed talking with you the last time I was in Atlanta. Our offices in the new federal building are very nice. I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you on this project.

cc: Cynthia Cummis, OPPE

David Savage, Region 4 EAD

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