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Crompton Corporation (Formerly Witco Corporation)

Letter from Tyler County to EPA


December 4, 1995

Mr. Chris Knopes
Regulatory Reinvention Pilot Projects
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, SW
Washington, D.C. 20460

Dear Mr. Knopes:

Please consider this letter as support for Project XL as proposed by OSi Specialties, Inc., for their Sistersville Plant, Tyler County, West Virginia.

On behalf of the Tyler County Planning Commission, I wish to convey to you the importance of this proposed project to our county.

OSi Specialties is the primary employer, taxpayer and source for future economic growth in Tyler County. It is the Planning Commission's opinion that OSi's proposal continues the plant's 40 year history as a responsible corporate citizen and demonstrates their continuing interest in both the environmental and economic well being of our county.

With your agency's approval of OSi's proposed Project XL, we foresee not only greater environmental benefits, but vital opportunity for greater economic stability and future grrowth for our county, as well.

I am hopeful in rendering its decision your agency will take into consideration the outstanding community support OSi's proposal enjoys and the potential community benefits we are confident will result from your approval of this project.

Most sincerely,

Barbara Vincent
Tyler County Planning Commission

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