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Letter from Ray Glover to EPA

F.R. Glover
907 Dewey Ave.
St. Marys, WV

November 29, 1995

Mr. Chris Knopes
U.S. E. P.A.
401 M Street, SW
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Knopes:

As a concerned member of the communities surrounding Osi Specialties Inc. Sistersville Plant, I am writing to urge your agency to give serious consideration to approviing Osi's proposed plan to redisign it's Methyl Capped Polyether Unit.

I beleive this project to be viable both environmentally and economically. It would help maintain and improve the quality of life this area enjoys.

The elimination of nearly one million pounds of emissions annually, coupled with doubled capacity and retention of well paying jobs, makes this plan vitally important to each and every individual in this section of the Ohio Valley.

Over the years the Sistersville Plant has proven itself to be a good, sound, environmenally responsible neighbor. This is especially true now that many of the top managers are people who were born and raised in this area. They have time and again shown their willingness to take a "hit" in the profit margin rather than do anything that might threaten their friends and neighbors.

I thank you for your time in reading this, and know that I speak for many when I ask you to help gain approval of this proposal.


F. Ray Glover

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