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Hispanic Roundtable to EPA

November 25, 1996

The Honorable Carol Browner
United States Environmental Protection Agency
401 M St. SW/1101
Washington, DC 20460

Dear Ms. Browner:

Unfortunately, we heard that activists from the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) and others disrupted the Project XL Final Project Agreement (FPA) ceremony between the EPA and Intel last week in Chandler, Arizona. We want to go on record as supporting you, the Clinton Administration, and Intel in pursuing responsible environmental regulations pursuant to the Project XL initiative.

The Hispanic Roundtable is a consortium of the all the major Hispanic advocacy groups in the Albuquerque area. Most of us are native New Mexicans or long-time residents. Our primary goals are the economic and educational advancement of Hispanics in New Mexico. Therefore, we support employers who provide those opportunities while protecting our unique way of life in New Mexico. We have also challenged and fought against companies and employers which fail to invest in the community and which neglect matters important to us such as environmental protection, education, and community investment. We are proud to call Intel an ally. Intel has invested millions of dollars in community activities, local public schools, and environmental initiatives. Intel managers are approachable and always willing to listen and act upon reasonable suggestions which benefit the people. Intel is a tremendous asset to the Hispanic community and has strong community support.

Similarly, we support the Clinton Administration's goal of streamlining cumbersome and duplicative regulatory mandates which stifle economic growth and do little to protect our environment. In an intensively competitive global economy, especially in the semiconductor industry, Project XL's implementation will save and, hopefully, create many new and high-paying jobs. You, the EPA, and the Clinton Administration are to be commended for the foresight and vision associated with Project XL. We are also pleased with the public notice and involvement, especially the notices prepared in Spanish that were delivered to those speaking the language.

Finally, we want to emphasize that while we have sometimes agreed with SWOP and other activist groups in the past on many social issues, they are wrong to attack Intel and the EPA on this matter. We don't believe SWOP's position regarding Intel represents the true grass-roots sentiments, at least in our community.

We thank you for the opportunity to have our views presented.


Ray Armenta

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